FREE Dining Plan in Disney World – Select Dates Only!

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What’s better than a Disney World vacation?  One with free meals!

If you have a Disney World vacation coming up or have been waiting for a nice deal to entice you to go there, Disney has announced some Free Dining dates when you stay at one of their resorts and buy a Magic Your Way package.  You must spend at least 6 nights and 7 days in one of their resorts and you’ll receive the free dining plan for the full length of your stay, up to 14 days.  Depending on which resort level you choose, you’ll either get the Quick Service meal plan (2 counter service meals and 1 snack each day) or the Disney Dining Plan (1 table service meal, 1 counter service meal and 1 snack each day).  You can also upgrade to a higher level meal plan by only paying the difference in price.

You need to CHECK IN during one of these dates to get Free Dining for the length of your stay: 19 – November 1st, 2012
November 24 – November 29th, 2012
December 10th – December 20th, 2012

I am especially excited about this deal because we were planning a trip to Disney World, had everything booked (within a few days of one of the free dining periods), and were able to change our reservation and actually save over $900 on airfare, PLUS get free dining for all of us! (A $700 value!)  And I decided to pay for the upgrade to the Disney Dining Plan which was only about $275 bucks for the 4 of us so we could use one of our meals each day for character meals since I’ve only heard great things about them and the kids will absolutely LOVE THEM! Excited are we? Yes, I am!

If you do decide to plan a trip, Disney does offer these free dining plans from time to time and they seem like a great deal, especially with how expensive everything is at Disney.  Some advice though, book your restaurant reservations and any character meals very early (like 4-5 months before your trip if possible) as popular meal times and restaurants do fill up fast!

For more information on the dining plan or to make reservations, click here.


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