Get Viggle App for iPhone & iPad – Get FREE Gift Cards & Prizes!

If you have an iPhone, iPad or an iPod Touch (with microphone), you should have the Viggle app!  Viggle is a free app that gives you Viggle points for each minute of television that you watch.  Simply get the free app on your Apple device, and press the “Check in” button while you have the TV on.  It listens to what you’re watching (be careful of too much background noise) for about 10 seconds and then figures out what show you have on.  It will show you the title and if it’s correct, you press the “Confirm Check In” button and you’re done.  You can now turn off your iPhone/iPad/etc. and Viggle will give you points at the end of the show for each minute that you were checked in (they assume you watch each show to the end).

Check into certain shows that change on the Viggle app each day for extra Bonus Points!  There are some shows that also have live events that will give you bonus points for answering trivia questions while you watch.  You can earn a maximum of 12,000 points per day and can use these points for all kinds of prizes, ranging from gift cards for Burger King or Best Buy to even earning a Kindle Fire or a 5-day Royal Caribbean cruise!

I was hesitant to try this at first, thinking that it would take forever to get a prize, but now I am hooked!  In about 12 days, I had already earned a $15 gift card to Chilis.  And hey, if you’re going to watch TV anyway…right? 🙂


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