Monthly Archives: November 2012 Holiday Cards Stamped for as Little as 17 Cents Each!! is offering an Amazing Deal on holiday cards!  Through December 11th, you can get 75% off all of their holiday cards, plus free shipping when you use promo code THANKS4U at checkout.  Personalize these with your own pictures and text or pick out some generic ones.  With holiday cards starting as low as $1.09 each, 75% off makes them just .27 each!  There are also additional price breaks the more you buy.  On top of that, you can select to mail them directly to each person in your address book and get them stamped FOR FREE!  (Or you can choose to have them delivered to yourself)

That means that taking into account the price of stamps, Cardstore is actually paying you to mail out your cards!  You can also choose to mail these cards out immediately or on a specific date.

If you haven’t done your cards yet, this is one heck of a deal.  But remember, it expires on 12/11.