Spending Less Money vs. Saving More Money



Often when we search for good deals, we find great discounts.Getting 90% off a box of 200 nail files is great if you own a salon or plan on giving them out for the next 10 years as gifts.  But it’s not always about saving the most money or finding the best deal.  If you spend money on things you don’t need or wouldn’t otherwise buy, regardless of how good of a deal it is, you’re actually losing out on that money. That’s why I’ve chosen to focus on Spending Less Moola.  Get more for what you do spend but don’t spend carelessly because it’s a great deal. 


I know I get caught up in it from time to time (just ask my husband!) but I do try to think before buying “Do we really need this?” and “What will I do with this?”

It can be really easy to get caught up in a great deal, so just ask yourself next time if you will really find a way to use those 45 air fresheners. 🙂